Thursday, October 15, 2009

FLASHBACK: George W. Bush Hears Rumors on the "Internets" (Was Bush Dull or Simply Admitting Internet2?)

Maybe Bush knew about this Internet2 when he was talking about the Internets (see above).

In case you don't know about Internet2. Welcome to the club. I really don't know that much about Internet2, but that is why I love writing this blog. It gives me the opportunity to research subjects that I would normally only check out on a cursory level. I will update this section, below as I go, but this is first link of many that I will be checking out.

It seems that this Internet2 is some super fast experimental network that is only available at government facilities, corporate entities and educational institutions where large data packets can be transmitted at super high speeds over large bandwidths. It would be interesting to play around on this network, but it probably will not be released to public for many years and even then the public version will be buggy!

The official site of Internet2

ZDNet -- 2001 Article on Internet2

USA Today article from 2005 on Internet2

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