Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Fox News Story About a Tentative Inspection Program Allowing Russia to Visit U.S. Nuclear Sites is No Longer Active (Censored?)

This was going to be a more in-depth article, but Fox News has pulled the story about Russia getting access to America's nuclear sites. The news agency pulled the story, because either it was inaccurate or it contained information that Fox News did not intend to disclose. Nevertheless, you cannot put the genie back into the lamp. You can check the original Fox link, because it may become operational at some point in the near future.

Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov, who met with Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, said publicly Tuesday that the two nations have made "considerable" progress toward reaching agreement on a new strategic arms treaty.

The 1991 Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty, or START, expires in December and negotiators have been racing to reach agreement on a successor.

Clinton said the U.S. would be as transparent as possible.

"We want to ensure that every question that the Russian military or Russian government asks is answered," she said, calling missile defense "another area for deep cooperation between our countries."

Click one of the links in this article to read the full piece. I don't know, but it almost reads like an April Fools Day article to me. That may be the reason that Fox pulled the story. Read the information herein with that disclaimer in mind.

Source: Fox News (cached version)

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