Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Hoquiam, Washington Passes Ordinance Banning Roosters and Limiting Chicken Ownership (Legal Action Planned)

No, this isn't the Scooby Doo Meets Jonathan Winters episode with the large chickens and phantom scarecrows on Maude Frickert's Farm, but you have to like the above picture. I guess if the chickens were this large, then the city of Hoquiam would be justified in limiting chicken ownership.

However, chickens are not this large in charge. What Hoquiam, Washington is doing is more governmental tyranny telling people how to live their lives as individuals. If you are in a rural area, don't you expect to see chickens? Hell, I've even seen wild chickens running around the urban jungles of Los Angeles.

It took two tries but the City of Hoquiam has finally passed an ordinance limiting chicken ownership within the city limits. The ordinance will limit the number of chickens to either eight or 12, depending on the size of the property and bans roosters from the city. The measure passed unanimously over the objections of chicken farmer Anthony Crumpler, whose Queen Avenue home houses around 80 chickens. Crumpler says he will take legal action against the city and continued to claim that the ordinance was tailor made to push out his chicken rearing hobby and that his African American race was the reason for the ordinance.

If you want to email the Hoquiam City Council members to let them know how you feel, then click this sentence.

Source: KXRO-AM

Image Source: Aha! Jokes

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