Monday, October 12, 2009

Oklahoma Teenage Girl Sues Vaccine Maker (Says She Was Crippled by GARDASIL® Vaccine) (KOCO-5 Video)

***UPDATE (October 21, 2009) - In a similar case to my original story below, Desiree Jennings who worked with the NFL's Washington Redskins cheerleaders was recently disabled by a routine flu shot. You can read that story here. Her injuries support the original story below where another young girl was allegedly crippled by a vaccine - this time the Gardasil® vaccine. ***

I caution parents who are about to vaccinate their daughters with this potentially deadly Gardasil® vaccine that has already killed twenty-eight (28) girls in this country. Do your research about this vaccine whether you decide to get it or not. You can check out the KOCO-5 Video that further discusses this story by clicking this sentence. Basically, a young teenage girl has been crippled and she believes her injuries are due to the vaccine!

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