Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Maine State Representative Doug Thomas Introduces Legislative Bill to Ban Government Imposed Mandatory Vaccinations!

If you check out the video at this link, you will see video from Rep. Doug Thomas summarizing this blog article. Rep. Thomas admits that he has gotten more attention for this bill banning mandatory vaccinations than any bill he has ever introduced. Well, add Remixx World! to that list, because this bill has attracted this site's attention.

In an effort to make sure you decide whether or not you or your children get a flu shot, state representative Doug Thomas has introduced a bill that would forbid mandatory vaccinations.

Maine's top health official Dr. Dora Anne Mills says she's surprised by the bill adding that there is no current statute in Maine requiring mandatory vaccines, therefore she says there's no reason to codify the law.

I applaud Rep. Thomas in the State of Maine and hope that other representatives in other States will introduce similar legislation especially against mandatory vaccination mandates and regulations imposed by non-State entities.

Rep. Thomas' official State webpage can be viewed by clicking this sentence

There is a hearing on the bill on Thursday, October 15, 2009. If you are in Maine, give them a ring at (207) 287-1615 if you want to get some additional information.

Source: WABI-5

Image Source: DougThomas.org

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