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Mother Who Loses Son to Brain Cancer Warns of Cell Phone Use

If you do not believe that electromagnetic fields raises a person's risk for cancer, then you should check out the below letter written by a Colorado mother who lost her kid at San Diego State. This woman is not a medical doctor conducting blind clinical trials on the issue, so if you require additional information and evidence, I would recommend you read The Great Power-Line Cover Up by Paul Brodeur. Cellular phones emit electromagnetic radiation at very high frequencies, so it is likely that these phones do increase the risk of cancer.

However, the United States government has not yet made this connection, but it also took the government years to make the connection between tobacco and health a half century ago.


Mother Who Loses Son to Brain Cancer Warns of Cell Phone Use

My Son, Rich Farver, died Oct. 11, 2008 from glioblastoma multiforme brain cancer. He was 28 years old when diagnosed and lived seven months.

He was a graduate student at SDSU (San Diego State University). There is a brain cancer cluster on campus. Five brain cancers, 4 within the last three years. Some Professor’s and I paid an expert to test a cell tower outside of this area, and it ended up being in normal ranges. There are over 300 antenna’s within a 4 mile radius of the campus.

Mr. Sam Milham, from the,” International EMF Collaborative,” concluded my Son’s brain tumor was cellphone related. Rich’s tumor was in his right frontal lobe, and he was right handed. He also owned a T-Mobile cell phone since 2000. Please, everyone be careful!

My husband and I were walking out of a store locally here in Colorado, and ran into one of our old neighbor’s, who asked how our Son’s were doing. We explained that Rich, was deceased. They told us of one of Rich’s friends from high school, was just diagnosed with brain cancer.

I NO longer have a cellphone, and it isn’t hard to do at all. The only purpose of one is EMERGENCIES only. Our Government isn’t keeping us safe. There are predictions that 2 billion people by the year 2020 will have brain tumors.

As a Mom, who watch a Son lose the ability to walk, see, and have blackouts for seven months, besides the fact losing a child is the worst ever. Do NOT let this happen to you! Rich, was the LOVE of my life, my Best Friend, and all I ever wanted. My hopes, dreams, and future are all but over. I have endless counseling sessions, medications for depression, and many days find it hard to get out of bed. No amount of money, success, material items could even come close. Please, be careful.

Also, WIFI has been eliminated from schools in many other countries. 1 hour of WIFI is equivalent to 20 minutes of cellphone exposure. Look at articles by, “The International EMF Collaborative,” and the,” BioInitiative Working Group!”


Virginia Farver

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