Saturday, January 30, 2010

Pentagon Calls for Creation of 'Office of Strategic Deception'

Is this the real bin Laden or a fake video released by the Pentagon and its associates?

You can check out the original
Raw Story article by clicking the link. The article is based on a report released by the Pentagon calling for an Office of Strategic Deception. You mean the Pentagon doesn't already have one of these offices? Doesn't (which releases the Al-Qaeda and bin Laden videos) already have relations with Donald Rumsfeld and the Pentagon?

Remember the Pentagon Office of Special Plans that helped collect dubious intelligence that led to the war in Iraq? Or the program where the Pentagon secretly briefed military analysts to promote the Iraq war?

Meet the would-be Office of Strategic Deception.

In a little-noticed report earlier this month, the Defense Department's powerful Defense Science Board recommended creation of an entity designed solely for "strategic deception" against US adversaries.

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