Monday, May 31, 2010

Canadian Researchers Find That Bottled Water Is Contaminated with More Bacteria Than Tap Water

I am glad that I stopped buying and drinking bottled water in the last year. A recent finding out of Canada reveals that bottled water is worse for the consumer than tap water. I would recommend a Berkey water filter, but California restricted its sales here beginning as of January 1, 2010.

Researchers from C-crest Laboratories in Montreal bought and tested several popular brands of bottled water, and found many of them had heterotrophic bacteria counts that were "surprisingly high."

Heterotrophic bacteria require an organic carbon source in order to grow.

More than 70 per cent of popular brands they tested did not meet the standards set out by the United States Pharmacopeia, a non-governmental agency that sets safety standards for medications and health-care products.

Source: Montreal Gazette

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