Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department Gets OK to Buy Up to 14 New Helicopters Despite Government Budget Cuts

The State is downsizing Superior Court locations, firing teachers and closing parks, but yet there is plenty of money in the budget for law enforcement and homeland security type purchases. If you are a person who deals in those types of goods and services, then your business is probably booming and money is no object for you in today's world.

Case in point, the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department gets the OK to buy up to 14 new helicopters at the approximate total cost of $56,700,000. I wonder how many Nation-States have the resources to purchase fourteen (14) new helicopters like the LASD.

The article provides a benevolent purpose such as rescuing hikers in the mountains, but I bet the mountain rescues will be few and far between and that we will soon more than likely see these choppers flying down Wilshire Boulevard patrolling a food riot like a bad scene out of
The Running Man (see above video link) or maybe they'll use these choppers the next time fools get ignant (sp) at Venice Beach!

The Board of Supervisors Tuesday authorized the Sheriff's Department to buy as many as 14 new helicopters at a cost of about $56.7 million.

Twelve Eurocopter Astar 350 helicopters will replace seven-year-old aircraft that the department says are getting increasingly expensive to repair and have outlived their "optimal life span" of 7,000 flight hours or seven years of service.

Source: Long Beach Press Telegram

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