Tuesday, July 21, 2009

1.5 Million (1,500,000) People to Exhaust Unemployment Benefits by the End of 2009!

This is a pretty scary article. What will 1.5 million people do when they are unable to receive any unemployment benefits? How will they eat? How will they pay their rents/mortgages? If people cannot eat, then they will have to live on the streets and turn to any means necessary in order to survive. This will mean to increased crime and violence, which will lead to an increase in the police state and eventually to martial law.

"It is clear we are coming up on a tidal wave of need for more extensions and help from the federal government," said Andrew Stettner, NELP deputy director, in a statement.

David Smith, spokesman for the Pennsylvania Department of Labor & Industry, told the Huffington Post that up to 25,000 people will exhaust their unemployment benefits this weekend alone...

In California, 177,759 will lose their benefits come January; in New York, the total is 131,893. More than 72,000 people in Michigan, where the unemployment rate hit 15.2 percent in June, will stop getting checks at the beginning of the year.

If you read further down in the Huff Post article, you will see that the Federal Reserve does not expect an economic recovery for 5-6 years. That isn't until the years 2014-2015. Wow, that is a long time away and a lot of people could potentially starve during that period. What are people supposed to do until then?

Source: The Huffington Post

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Esteban Cisnez said...

Maybe it's time people went outside and started planting a garden?