Monday, July 20, 2009

NASA's 40th Anniversary Moon Landing (Was It Really A Hoax?)

Happy 40th Anniversary Alleged Moon Landing! My grandfather used to always laugh at me when I came home from the government schools talking about the Moon landing. He never ever believed that man went to the Moon. I thought the old former sharecropper was crazy, but it turns that ol' "Sonboy" might have known what he was talking about when he used to say that. In light of the alleged 40th anniversary of us going there, I now have serious doubts about whether man has ever been to the Moon.

Here are some questions that I will be investigating over the next few weeks and months.

1. What about the Van Allen radiation belt? Was it possible for 1969 technology to protect the astronauts from the deadly cosmic radiation of the Van Allen Belt? We certainly didn't have the technology in 1961 when Reed Richards took his friends on that ill-fated fantastic journey.

2. How could a 1969 spacesuit protect an astronaut from the extreme temperature shifts (sometimes hundreds of degrees) between sun and darkness on the Moon's surface?

3. Why haven't we been back to the Moon since 1972? Shouldn't there be hotels, restaurants and tourism built up there by now? Is there something out there we shouldn't be seeing? We should be putting the first hotels on Mars by now. I fully expected to be visiting a galactic bar by now.

4. How in the world could the government lose all the photographs and videos from the alleged Moon landing?

5. In this video below, why doesn't this dune buggy that is allegedly on the Moon seem to be affected by the Moon's weaker gravity? It looks as if it is being governed by the Earth's gravity instead of the Moon's -- namely driving through the Mojave Desert or something.


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