Saturday, October 10, 2009

U.S. Navy Outlines Cybersecurity, Networking Plans Using Enterprise Architecture

This is some additional information to add to the media and educational dossier on the real life Eagle Eye. The cyberverse has garnered a lot of attention in recent weeks on all fronts. The Air Force is asserting its dominance and the politicians are asserting their dominance in trying to consolidate all Internet power in the hands of the President.

The Navy does not want to miss the party and is ready to upgrade its systems to protect from cyberattack!

Protecting the Navy's networks is near the top of its to-do list. "We must find ways to enable the innovative use of information management and IT to meet the needs of the warfighter, while continuing to provide secure and reliable networks to defend our cyber investments and information," Navy CIO Robert Carey said in a letter outlining the goals.

The Navy plans to extend public key protection to mobile devices, encrypt stored data, phase out the use of user names and passwords as log-ins to unclassified networks, and reduce the amount of personally identifiable information it stores. It has set a goal of reducing personally identifiable data breaches by 25%.

Source: Navy Outlines Cybersecurity, Networking Plans -- Government Technology -- InformationWeek

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