Friday, May 28, 2010

Unverified Reports That It Is Raining Oil in Florida

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I cannot confirm this story, so take it for what it is -- an unverified report from someone named Eve. Nevertheless, if there are further independent reports of oil rains in Florida, then we will know that we have an even more serious problem on our hands than the catastrophe we currently have.

Making this quick, don't feel well. About 4:15pm or so eastern, coming back from Tampa, Florida north on Veteran's Expressway...about 7 miles perhaps from SR sprinkled some gray watery and solid black oil on my car. Thought it was bugs, but so fast did not make sense and windshield wipers just smeared it. Got out of car at store and looked on the paint and solid black dots on my car...I touch? huh? it's wet? it's OIL!!!!!

I had several folks verify it before I sprayed it off and it came off easier than the few love bugs. Two hours later still wet like OIL! nope, not water, smell it, OIL!!!

The above picture is not from Florida. However, the only other place in the solar system where I could find
an example of an oil rainstorm was on the Saturn moon of Titan.


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~~Just Me in T~~ said...

I have been concerned about what will happen to all of this oil once the 2010 hurricane season arrives in the Gulf of Mexico. Of course the seas will get whipped up into a frenzy, and should one of the hurricanes pass over where the oil is collecting I felt that surely some of it would be sucked up into the developing storm.

My first place to visit for information on this was the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration web site, which told me categorically there would be no oil in rain related to a hurricane. I was dissatisfied (dare I say distrustful?) of that seemingly blasé comment, so went searching further for information.