Wednesday, June 30, 2010

U.S. Government Lifts City Ban on Trucks Carrying Hazardous Materials in Downtown Boston During Daytime Hours

Why, why, why? There is no reason hazardous materials should be rolling through downtown Boston during the daytime hours when it is at maximum capacity. That is ridiculous!

The U.S. government will lift a city ban on trucks carrying hazardous materials downtown during the daytime, starting later this week.

But under a gentleman’s agreement between the city and a trade group, the truckers will limit their use to Cross Street, instead of the heavily residential Commercial Street in the North End.

A gentleman's agreement? Is the government seriously discussing gentleman's agreements in 2010? That is equally ridiculous, because now the hazardous materials ban is lifted, it will be easier for terrorists, operatives or other evil doers to transport hazardous materials into the city during peak times. And that is not a good thing. Remixx World! previously reported in August, 2009 that Boston could be a false flag target (Is the Globalist N.W.O. Setting Up Boston for a False Flag Terrorist?). Let's hope I'm wrong.

Why, you may ask? It mainly relates to the various connections between Boston, PTech, 9/11, Special Agent Warren Bamford and Mayor Tom Menino.

1. PTech was based in Boston. PTech was founded by persons with connections to Al-Qaeda, and the company's software gave it back doors to override government computers and systems. These back doors could have been used to make NORAD and the FAA stand down on 9/11 as has been alleged by Indira Singh and Michael Ruppert in "Crossing the Rubicon."

2. There was a big arrest of PTech executives by the F.B.I. in July, 2009 that received NO COVERAGE from the mainstream media aside from The Boston Herald. It was the first real mention of PTech since around 2002 and one of the first biggest arrests to date of a real 9/11 terrorist. The current article is archived by The Boston Herald, but here is the FBI press release relating to this arrest.

3. Now, Warren Bamford, the F.B.I. agent in charge of the recent PTech arrest, is saying that Boston police need to be armed with semi-automatic assault rifles to protect against a possible terrorist attack similar to the recent Mumbai terrorist attacks. However, Mayor Tom Menino is against the proposal.

Why would Special Agent Bamford issue such a warning? Does he know something that we do not know? Could he be trying to warn Boston about a possible false flag terrorist attack similar to how FBI agents tried to warn people prior to 9/11?.

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