Sunday, June 27, 2010

CIA Director Leon Panetta Says That Cyber Warfare Could Paralyze United States of America

Remixx World! has been discussing cyber attacks for over a year on this site. Therefore, tell us something we don't already know Mr. Panetta. However, you seem to be leaving out a key detail. Unless the attack originates from the Chinese and/or North Korean military, the CIA will likely be influencing or financing the hackers who conduct the aforementioned cyber attack. If it is a foreign power other than China or North Korea, then the U.S. military will be able to track, trace and database the source of the cyberattack and destroy the applicable infrastructure being used to facilitate the attack.

“It could paralyze this country, and I think that's an area we have to pay a lot more attention to,” the CIA chief said.

Why are critical government, financial and business networks connected to the non-secure Internet? Who made that dumb decision?

The networks should have internal encrypted connections, and these critical networks should never be connected to the Internet

ABC News (This Week)

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