Saturday, July 03, 2010

U.S. Marines to Get Flying Car as Logi AeroSpace Proposes "IED Proof" Vehicle Called Tyrannos to DARPA

First, it was the Terrafugia Transition® flying car. Now, it's the Tyrannos flying car - which is allegedly going to be for the U.S. Marines.


logi AeroSpace Proposes “IED Proof” Vehicle to DoD

BELLEVUE, Nebraska (July 1, 2010) - logi AeroSpace, working with several other innovative companies, is leading the way in advanced transportation with a proposal to the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) for the Tyrannos, a new concept vehicle based on proven technologies.

Designed for protection of military troops, the Tyrannos can travel both on and above roads to speed transportation between locations. The Tyrannos was inspired by the hundreds of US military troops who have lost their lives to IEDs while driving on roads in Iraq and Afghanistan. Using a flight-proven shrouded propeller design from Trek Aerospace, it’s designed to drive in the air above roads to avoid IED explosions. This vehicle also drives on the ground in all terrains from mountainous to city streets and can take off vertically without a runway. For non-military uses, the vehicle will transform modern lifestyles. Travel limited by terrain or time will no longer exist. Living in the country while working in the city becomes a viable option. Imagine the Poconos to New York City in 20 minutes or Santa Barbara to LA in 35 minutes.

To put this design into effect, logi AeroSpace is tapping the experience and expertise of electric vehicle pioneer ZAP ( for its advanced technology and knowledge in electric drive trains for road vehicles. Trek Aerospace ( will implement its shrouded propeller technology.

The Tyrannos is a bold, new and exciting vehicle that has been designed like no other car; it can drive along highways at 60 mph or climb vertically from a driveway and travel at 155 mph in the sky. This eco friendly AT-TV (Airborne and Terrain Transport Vehicle) comfortably seats four, and can operate at zero emissions both on the ground and in the air. On the ground it can travel 46 miles in the all-electric mode and will get 43 miles per gallon on the road or obtain an astounding 19.4 air miles per gallon when flying.

The strategic advantage in Tyrannos is its super computer designed shrouded propellers and its advanced guidance system. Larry Ortega, the inventor of the guidance system and an Air Force Test Pilot School Flight Test Engineer Graduate says: “The aerospace industry has been flyingaircraft as airborne simulators of other aircraft to train pilots in the air for decades. This airborne simulator simulates a car. Any person who can drive on a street can drive it. We’ll project a freeway in the sky on the windshield for the driver to see so they can get comfortable with the environment. It will be like crossing a high bridge.”

About logi AeroSpace
logi AeroSpace engineers have been developing vertical takeoff shrouded propeller vehicles since 1996. More information about logi, and the stunning images of the Tyrannos as well as videos of flying pre-prototypes may be found here: at Press-Contacts.
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