Thursday, July 01, 2010

Yong Xiang Xan Convicted of Honey-Laundering (Sending Cheap Chinese Honey to Philippines for Relabeling to Avoid U.S. Import Taxes)

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I have always said that I want to learn something new every day. On July 1, 2010, I learned about the practice of honey-laundering. I am surprised that it has taken me this long to hear about it, because the practice seems fairly simple.

Anyway, here's the story that brought me this new knowledge. A Chinese businessman named Yong Xiang Xan was sending its containers of cheap honey to the Philippines for relabeling and shipping to the United States. The criminal action in United States District Court can be read at:
U.S. vs. Yong Xiang Yan (a/k/a "Nonstop Smoker," a/k/a "NSS"). Here's Mr. Yong Xiang Yan's plea agreement.

A Chinese businessman has been convicted of trying to get around U.S. import taxes by sending 15 shipping containers of cut-rate honey to the Philippines to be relabeled and sent on to the United States.

Source: The Press Enterprise (California)

Image Source: akarlovic

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