Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Sarah Palin's Husband Todd Worked for BP as an Oil Production Operator on Alaska's North Slope

Does everyone have a connection to BP? BP financed Rahm Emanuel's DC living quarters. BP gave more money in 2008 to Barack Obama than anyone else. President Obama's father allegedly worked for BP. And now I learn that Mr. Sarah Palin also worked for BP. Wow! I wonder what Sarah is saying about BP out on the stump these days.

Mr. Palin, in addition to being a champion snowmobile racer, is an oil production operator on the North Slope, working for BP, a company that has had to make major repairs since a spill on the slope temporarily shut down production there in 2006.

In addition to Ms. Palin’s $125,000 state salary, Mr. Palin earned $93,000 last year running his own commercial fishing business and working part-time at BP’s oil production facility, according to her public financial disclosure reports.

Source: New York Times

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