Friday, January 06, 2012

Senator Schumer Advocates Hancock Field as National Test Site for Unmanned Drone Flights

I just want to point out that these drones flights will depart where civilian flights will depart, because the Hancock Field Air National Guard Base is co-located with Syracuse-Hancock International Airport. I was pretty shocked when I when I read this article about Senator Schumer pushing for drone flights in Central New York at Hancock Field in Mattydale, New York. For what purpose will these particular drone flights (see video above) be used for? According to Schumer, he feels that it will be beneficial to Central New York and to others.

He [Sen. Schumer] said that “making Hancock a test site for this technology would be a boon for Central New York, creating jobs and bringing new investments to our defense contractors that provide thousands of good paying jobs.”

I want to know what type of tests the military will be operating with these drones, especially in civilian airspace. I don't have a problem if the military wants to play with its hardware and toys on the bases, but I cannot imagine many military bases (especially ones on the East Coast) being large enough to allow a drone to operate at its full capacity. If the military brass starts flying flights in New York, they will be in every other State soon enough and then it is just a matter of time before a plane has a mid-air collision with one of these drones.

I wonder if Senator Schumer will be receiving any campaign donations from the various defense contractors who will eventually get the aforementioned investments as per the National Defense Authorization Act.


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