Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Water Rates Expected to Triple in Some Parts of United States due to $1 Trillion in Needed Infrastucture Improvements

Buried No Longer

Mos Def warned me in New World Water way back when that water would be the greatest commodity in the near future, but I didn't listen. Next to oxygen, water is the most precious commodity for a human being, so its value can never be understated. President George W. Bush allegedly even picked up some water resources down in South America a few years back.

Most people don't have the resources to acquire independent water holdings, so they will have to depend on their local municipalities to provide these services. Unfortunately, these services are going to be most costly in the coming years as a new report by the
AWWA (see above for a copy of the report) estimates that people's water costs could triple in some parts of the country.

Household Water Bills Will Go Up. Important caveats are necessary here, because there are many ways that the increased investment in water infrastructure can be allocated among customers. Variables include rate structures, how the investment is financed, and other important local factors. But the level of investment required to replace worn-out pipes and maintain current levels of water service in the most affected communities could in some cases triple household water bills.

Source: American Water Works Association

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